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Rasulullah s.a.w telah menjenguk kepada kami semasa kami sedang ingat mengingati satu sama lain, lalu Baginda s.a.w bertanya: "Apa yang kamu ingat mengingatkan itu?" Kami menjawab:"Kami mengingati perihal hari kiamat dan saat berlakunya"; Nabi s.a.w bersabda: "Sesungguhnya saat kiamat tidak akan berlaku melainkan setelah kamu melihat sebelumnya sepuluh alamat." Lalu Baginda s.a.w menyebut alamat atau tanda-tanda itu iaitu: Asap, Dajjal (orang yang menyembunyi dan mengubah keadaan perkara-perkara yang benar dengan perkataan dustanya atau perbuatan sihirnya) Dabbatul-Ardh, terbit matahari dari pihak masuknya (dari pihak barat),turunnya Nabi Isa anak Mariam, dan Ya'juj wa Ma'juj…"

Huzaifah bin Asid al-Ghifari r.a

Dari Ali, r.a, katanya Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda; seseorang itu tidak menjadi mukmin sehingga ia beriman sekurang-kurangnya ia beriman kepada empat perkara, iaitu: Mengetahui dan meyakini bahawa tiada Tuhan yang berhak disembah melainkan Allah dan bahawa aku ialah Rasulullah yang mengutuskan aku membawa kebenaran dan percayakan mati yang memang ditetapkan masa dan caranya bagi tiap-tiap seorang , dan percayakan kebangkitan hidup semula sesudah mati serta percayakan kadar takdir yang ditentukan oleh Allah’.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Rain Control Theory The Antichrist

Related Hadith Prophet .... words again: "In between the devil did he ask the heavens to rain down all of a sudden the rain came down. He ordered the earth to produce pasture suddenly grew. and including the most severe test for man, the Antichrist is coming to the village of good people and they are not beliave him as God, then this is due to crops and livestock they will not be. "Antichrist shall come to those who believe in him and the villagers beliave him as God. Because of this rain in their place and the crops they were to be ... "
The ability of the Antichrist
The ability of the Antichrist can be summarized as follows:
  • Can lead to the sky rained down spontaneously
  • Can lead the world out of plants
  • Can cause plants and animals are not to be.
Prophet Muhammad explained the ability of the Antichrist was a very terrible fall in the form of "libel" at large in the last days later. Potential legal journey of the earth Antichrist transfer from West to East is recognized by the Prophet in many authentic hadith narrated by many priests who venerated.
As Muslims we are obliged to set mengimani what the Prophet Muhammad, we think it is right beside the space to expand our thinking about the most powerful capabilities is the Antichrist.
"Issuing the Sun From the West"
Theory 1: Construction of Mega Studios Without Walls and Wires
Gross plans to divert the circulation of the earth, the research has drawn from hundreds of years. Only the results and new progress is now visible. The main concept of the six corners satelait wave technology can be seen on the logo creed or ritual of worship movement Cabbala Illuminati.
Transfer of Land Distribution Law
Local Earth rotates at a speed 1000 km / h from the east (the sun) to the west (sunset) and make rounds around the sun with a speed of 65.000 km / h. With incredible speed that is amazing objects were hurled out of the earth is not.Objects on the earth are drawn close to the ground with a ball the gravity is in the middle of the earth.
To make the earth rotates in the opposite direction then the third thing that needs to be implemented Stopping rotation, turning Again and maintain rotation.
The author believes that this law can not be solved because it was entering the final Judgement. Aware of this Antichrist (Dajjal also review " the Quran"for the purpose of deflecting the Muslims), and the curse that still wants to continue his desires are often urged rival the power of God. He wanted power like a god, he wants the power to rain, drought, storms, floods, earthquakes are in hand.
The easiest road is to build a large studio with no walls that could move a unit as artificial agents. Synthetic units are artificial clouds, artificial sky, the sun is artificial, artificial lightning, tornado puring artificial and many more other things artificial. Remember the message our Prophet Muhammad and the prophets before the "Beware of defamation-libel brought by the Antichrist."Have we study the word slander. What is the definition of defamation? Why the Prophet did not use the word attack or forcing or killed ?
We leave before the word TRIAL is (to be discussed in another chapter).
All units must be prepared artificially in the ground (impossible, too, can the Devil to do so?). Once available, these units must have been installed in a convenient place for the Antichrist directed climate change through a voice command. (See article smart homes , by voice command).
With the availability of all these artificial units, the Antichrist will be easy to any place for him to preach, which in other words, anywhere he is the curse of the Si can give directions to "the electronic medium is ready to be installed", and Event weather conditions as required. (See article on " House of Snow "in Malaysia)
Inventory Plan Units by the Antichrist Artificial
The action plan provides all the hardware, the hardware is very complex and requires a careful planning. This includes ensuring that all corners of the earth comes a sophisticated equipment, which equipment shall not be a form of human knowing that it is the construction equipment giant studio.
Construction giant studio is to be done without people knowing the way it works for the Antichrist to deceive (slander) of all people when it came out later.Before implementing this major task, which obejktifnya is " the Antichrist can create weather, remove the sun, soil fertility and livestock ", a kind of experiment should be conducted on a small scale (pilot project).
The best location to do this experiment is the state of the art Hollywood studio that became the haven of all people without faith in the world. We have been aware of who the Board of Hollywood where a Jewish extremist.
Hollywood is suitable for a pilot project prior to an actual project running. Dive pilot (trial project) is very important for us because the key mega projects to be a god Antichrist is revealed little by little.
Yes! True is the saying "What hard-hard want to think, let all tu happens, the Antichrist is to appear, God already set, we can not do anything. If we know the secrets of even the Antichrist Dajjal will be a bad person and against the Prophet Jesus and Imam Mahdi. "Yes, it is all fate from Allah. If that is the argument we use to not want to think in the affairs of the Antichrist, the argument below is his opponent.
Bike helmet hat in bad condition is very dangerous and everybody knows it. If you make 'destiny' as a reason not to understand why we wear helmets while riding motorcycles, police have not always been on the road, if God willed it not to kill him, wherever he may be dead. Therefore, if people ask us " Ali, why not wear helmets, the danger will be dead? We should say " Don't worry Mat, death is the destiny of god " . But the reality is that we do not say so but we own a hat for fear of death or injury. Action is wearing a precaution for us "is not destined to be among those injured."
Equals in the affairs of the Antichrist, but think not to belong to the group that ingested persecution of the Antichrist.
Reverse the mega studio today, we need to see the statistics of the Jewish studio to produce films related to weather conditions, environmental changes, earthquakes, nuclear explosions, floods and so forth. Items to be studied are;
    Perished Nations
  • number of films produced.
  • Who is the director and screenwriter (whether they are members of the Illuminati or the Freemasons or other secret groups or at least they are Jews like Steven Spielberg)
  • Looking at the plot or chronology of the story.
  • Concepts used in artificial triggering natural disasters.


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